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Rehabilitation Program for Dogs

Rehabilitation Program

At Found our rehabilitation program is tailored to meet your dog’s specific behavioral needs, ensuring flexibility and personalized attention. During the training process owners collaborate closely with our senior trainers who are seasoned experts with years of experience addressing reactivity, aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, and anxious behaviors like separation anxiety. This comprehensive program focuses on nurturing the essential skills required for you and your dog to overcome these behavioral concerns. Our holistic approach is based on the idea that through proper training, we can change a dog’s perspective on various situations, through this dedicated approach we aim to create a long lasting effect on their behavior, as well as your relationship with your dog. Ultimately fostering a positive transformation for your dog.

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Obedience & Leash Walking

This package includes the development of essential obedience skills with a structured communication system. Our training includes mastering a value schedule with reward markers. Focusing on loose leash walking, this ensures your dog acquires the skills necessary for a well-behaved walk.

Program Area Focus

We tailor our programs to your dog's unique needs, addressing challenges like resource guarding, dog reactivity, socialization, human aggression, or aggression towards other pets. Our specialized sessions focus on precise techniques, guiding your dog toward more appropriate coping mechanisms.


4-Weeks: $4,500

  • 4 weeks of boarding and training on specific focus area.

Energy Outlets

We cultivate your dog's well-being with our structured activities, fostering healthy energy release and effective training. These activities alleviate anxiety and encourage your dog to learn self-regulation skills. Offering activities like interactive play, agility courses, and fetch games, ensuring your pet's holistic physical and mental development.


We prioritize generalization to ensure your dog's success in various environments, be it outdoors, at home, or anywhere else. Our tailored approach focuses on transferring learned skills to diverse settings, fostering confidence and reliability.

Owner Support

All owners participate in the following:

  • Instructional Private Sessions

  • Instructional Videos for your family

Interested in the program? Fill out a training evaluation form!

What Our Clients Say

Rehab program for dogs in chicago

Katie, P.

Found is incredible and I recommend it to anyone looking to train their dog. I brought my dog in for the Rehab Board + Train and the staff were extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and communicative (especially Nikki - our lead trainer). My dog’s behavioral issues have significantly improved and they taught me how to better communicate with him in order to continue his progress. Really looking forward to more sessions with Found!

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