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Rehabilitation Program for Dogs

Rehabilitation Program

Our rehabilitation program is tailored to a dog's behavioral needs and is flexible to meet their specific needs. Owners work with one of our senior trainers, who has years of experience working with dogs experiencing reactivity, aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, and anxious behaviors like separation anxiety. This program focuses solely on the skills needed to overcome these behavioral concerns. Our holistic approach to dog rehabilitation is based on the idea that through training, we can change a dog's perspective on a situation and, by doing so, have long-lasting effects on their behavior.

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Obedience & Leash Walking

All dogs need a communication system, and in this package, your dog will learn a value schedule with reward markers, as well as obedience and loose leash walking.

Program Area Focus

We will choose one or two program focuses based on your dog's particular needs, such as resource guarding, dog reactivity, dog socialization, human aggression, or aggression towards other pets. During these sessions, we will work on specific techniques and strategies to address these behaviors and help your dog learn more appropriate ways to cope with them


4-Weeks: $4,500

  • 4 weeks of boarding and training on specific focus area.

Energy Outlets

We will provide structured ways for your dog to release their energy, which will assist with training or help them cope with anxieties and learn self-regulation skills. Examples of energy outlets may include interactive play, agility courses, and fetch games.


The generalization aspect of this program is crucial, as we want your success to continue in different environments, both outside our facility and at home. We will work on transferring the skills your dog has learned in our program to a variety of different settings and situations, helping them become more confident and reliable in a variety of environments.

Owner Support

All owners participate in the following:

  • Instructional Private Sessions

  • Instructional Videos for your family

Interested in the program? Fill out a training evaluation form!

What Our Clients Say

Rehab program for dogs in chicago

Katie, P.

Found is incredible and I recommend it to anyone looking to train their dog. I brought my dog in for the Rehab Board + Train and the staff were extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and communicative (especially Nikki - our lead trainer). My dog’s behavioral issues have significantly improved and they taught me how to better communicate with him in order to continue his progress. Really looking forward to more sessions with Found!

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