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Our group classes are regularly updated. To enroll in a class create an account, login and pick the class that fits you! *All participants must have completed a training evaluation prior to enrollment.*



School was never so much FUN!

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Obedience 1

$300.00/ 6-Weeks

Want to learn about science-based animal training while having a good time and meeting like-minded people? If your answer is yes, then you should consider attending one of our Obedience 1 Classes.


Obedience 1 focuses on understanding your pet within the context of its attitude, background, personality, surroundings, and relationships. You will learn about:

  • Teaching Basic Behaviors.

  • Proper use of Markers and Cues.

  • Leash Walking

Class Size: 7 Dog

Age: 16 Weeks +

Wednesdays 12/7- 1/11/23 @ 5:00PM

Obedience 2

$300 / 6-Weeks

This course is ideal for anyone looking to broaden their animal training skills and knowledge. Our trainers will teach you the finer points of:

  • Proofing obedience behaviors.

  • Controlled loose leash walking.

  • Chain behaviors to complete more challenging behaviors.

Class Size: 8 Dog

Age: 16 Weeks +

Pre-req's: OB1

Wednesdays 12/7- 1/11/23 @ 6:30PM


Obedience 3

$300 / 4 -Weeks

This course is focused on solidifying your dogs obedience, improving their response time to cues and using the environment to aid your training. In this class we will cover:

  • Advanced use of +R and Training Equipment

  • Improving response time in verbal cues.

  • Using accelerated learning approaches to teach new behaviors.

Class Size: 6 Dog

Age: 18 months +

Pre-req's: OB1, OB2


Training Evaluation

E-Collar Curriculum

Your dog will love the class, you'll love the results.

Are you interested in e-collars but not sure where to start? Have you heard about them and are worried about how to use them safely and effectively? Our three-part class will help you understand the science behind them, how to use them effectively, and how they can be used to solve behavior issues. Our class will teach you how to use an e-collar and we will also teach you how to recognize when an e-collar is not appropriate.

The first part of the class will walk you through the basics of an e-collar. You will learn about the different types of collars and how they work. You'll learn about safety precautions and why they are important. You'll also learn how to use your collar effectively.  Next we'll cover behaviors that can be trained with e-collars. In this section, we'll discuss basic manners and more advanced skills, such as off-leash recall (coming when called). We'll show you how to train these behaviors using positive reinforcement methods and proper timing.

Our last section will focus on putting it all together! We'll teach you all the components of a solid off-leash recall and training plan which includes practice, practice, practice!


E-Collar 1

Introduction to the e-collar.

This 3 week introductory class includes:

  • 2 hours of lecture

  • 4 hours of instruction time

  • e-collar included in class

Price: $375.00




E-Collar II

Introducing Behaviors

This 3 week class covers:

  • Preparing your dog for the use of the e-collar for behaviors.

  • Using e-collar for known behaviors.

  • Preparing your dog for the use of the e-collar outdoors and around distractions.

Price: $375.00



E-Collar III

Off-leash & Recall

This 3 week class covers:

  • Introducing and proofing Recall

  • Loose-leash walking using the e-collar.

  • Applying training in real life scenarios.

Price: $375.00


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