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Boarding+Daycare 2.0

Leave It to the Experts



Chicago Premiere Dog Training Center

Found Chicago Boarding and Training center is a 24,000sqft dog training facility that includes  boarding and daycare for all breeds, sizes and temperament of dog. Our facility includes large outdoor potty and play yards along the river bank that include a K9 Grass drainage and antibacterial coating. On top of the outdoor space you can count on 3 large temperature controlled play/ exercise rooms that pets use daily for structured playgroup. Additionally, Found offers 2 large training rooms equipped with Agility Equipment, Floor Matts and Treadmills, a puppy development area and a retail store.


During boarding and daycare down-time, your dogs hang-out in state-of-the-art Mason Company Sani-Kennels fitted with Kuranda Pet Cots and Nylon Bones. Our goals for your pets are in the moment: real-time ethical and professional care of your pets. Real-time and ethical practices in training.  Our facility and daily practices are focused on the health and happiness of our pets, including the stressed pets. At the end of the day FOUND is more than just a place for a dog to run and play, FOUND is a place where they are cared for.

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