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adventure dog training program in chicago

Adventure Dog Program

Our adventure dog program is designed to help your dog become a well-rounded and reliable companion on all your adventures. As professional trainers, we believe that dogs should be able to join us on all kinds of excursions, from brunch on the patio to pet-friendly breweries at night, and even trips to the beach or hikes in the great outdoors. In this program, we combine the skills taught in our boot camp program with off-leash and exposure training to help your dog become the perfect companion. This includes learning how to handle your dog off-leash and communicate commands at a distance, as well as adapting to new environments and distractions. With our training, your dog will be ready to join you on any adventure you can dream up.

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Obedience & Leash Walking

We will ensure that your dog has reliable obedience and leash walking skills before moving on to more advanced training. These skills are essential for public settings

Off-Leash Training

fter mastering obedience skills on-leash, we will work on transferring these skills to off-leash environments and at practical distances to make handling easier.


3-Week Option: $3,500

  • 3 weeks of boarding and training

  • Includes off-leash equipment

  • Local Exposure Trips (Brewery, Cafe's, off-leash Park)

4-Week Option: $4,750

  • 4 weeks of boarding and training

  • Includes all equipment

  • Local Exposure Trips (Brewery, Cafe's, off-leash Park)

  • Exposure Trips (Dog Beach, Hiking Experiences)

Exposure Training

We will help your dog become confident in new environments and able to adapt to the hustle and bustle of public settings.


Recall is a crucial part of this program. We will work on your dog's ability to recall from ongoing activities, through distractions, and in off-leash situations such as the dog beach or while hiking.

Owner Support

All owners participate in the following:

  • Instructional Private Sessions

  • Instructional Group Training

  • Instructional Videos for your family

Interested in the program? Fill out a training evaluation form!

What Our Clients Say

Group classes for dogs in chicago

Katie, P.

Found is incredible and I recommend it to anyone looking to train their dog. I brought my dog in for the Rehab Board + Train and the staff were extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and communicative (especially Nikki - our lead trainer). My dog’s behavioral issues have significantly improved and they taught me how to better communicate with him in order to continue his progress. Really looking forward to more sessions with Found!

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