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Daycare 2.0 FAQs

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Why Daycare 2.0?

In our 15 years of service we have learned that:

  • Over exposure to socialization makes it less enjoyable to dogs and with time dogs become less social and grow ever more picky about who they play with. We can preserve social skills through small playgroups all while building good manners.

  • A combination of socialization, Training and Exercise creates the best behaved pets.

  • Smaller groups are safer for your pets.

  • All training requires a level of up keep, our daycare should not hinder your progress, it should add to it.

As professional trainers we love spending time with our dogs, we love enriching them and developing them to the best they can be. We want the same-thing for your dogs and all of the dogs in our care. Daycare 2.0 allows us to create a day-to-day routine where all dogs can succeed at there own pace.

What happens if my dog is selective?

Daycare 2.0 is the evolution of our Selective Dog Program. However,

In Daycare 2.0 dogs with socialization restrictions are asked to attend a minimum of 2x a week to participate in socialization. This allows us to build their skills through multiple sessions throughout the week. Attending once a week is not enough time to build their social skills. However with this structure, the possibility of dogs being considered social increases.

If your dog is social, your dog can participate in socialization any time it attends as well as the other activities.

What's the Transition?

1. As of 12/15/21, No further packages will be sold for our general daycare program. All previous packages will be honored for the new program.

2. Effective January 1st, 2022 our operations will begin to change and follow the Daycare 2.0 outline. This is at no added cost. Additionally, all customers will be asked to confirmed upcoming reservations for the new program.

3. On January 15th, 2022 our price will increase will take place and packages will only be sold to clients with a recurring status.

5. By February 15, 2022 we intend to have all of our dogs under the new Daycare 2.0 System.

Can I purchase packages?

Yes, packages will be available at the new rate. However, they will only be available for purchase for recurring customers. Recurring clients are clients who attend daycare 2.0 minimum 2x per week and have on-going standing reservations.

What is my dog doing during the day?

All of our program days start with treadmill exercise following by FitPaws or Obedience Sessions. Once the pups are put to rest we resume with dog socialization in groups. The same process is followed in the afternoon. If a dog is tired or not ready for the activities, adjustments in our day are made to allow more rest time, more decompression time or more exercise time! If a dog is afraid, we make the time for them to explore and adjust to the environment.

There is an ever-growing list of obedience and training your dog will participate in!

What is my dog learning?

In our daycare program we will make sure that during socialization every dogs knows “enough”, “place”. We’ll also work on their ability to socialize. We’ll cover the basics of markers and behaviors and make sure they’re staying sharp!

Most dogs in attendance have participated in a training program in our training department and are aware of our marker system and training routines. Dogs not familiar with them will have dedicated time out of their day to learn them. Once mastered we will move on to more advanced curriculum that matches their skill set.

What is your capacity and why is it changing?

Our Daycare 2.0 capacity will decrease by 20%. We find that a smaller capacity is needed to achieve our goal of socialization and training maintenance. Historically our daycare has been specialized and we intend to keep it that way through adjusting the size of our program to better fit the dogs, the owners and the team.

My dog is signed-up for a training program. Can they attend Daycare 2.0?

At the moment only dogs that have completed a training program qualify for the daycare 2.0 model.

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