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Boot Camp Program

Our boot camp program is designed to give the most experience to our dogs an owners and it is tailored towards building a strong relationship and communication system between the owner and the dog. Every dog in this program will learn to engage with their handlers and learn obedience routines that are helpful in day-to-day life of dog ownership. All dogs in boot camp will receive dog socialization, learn their basic behaviors reliably and learn to walk nicely on a leash using a balanced training approach, heavily founded on positive reinforcement.

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We want your dog to know the difference between training time and “hang-around” time.

Leash Walking

Leash walking is a skill and a process, you’ll have the tools to sharpen it and implement it around distractions, figure-8’s and at different paces.


This program Includes:

  • 2 Weeks of boarding with training

  • Dog socialization & exercise

  • Video tutorials

  • Price: $2,000

Obedience & Luring Skills

Luring is an essential part of teaching behaviors, maintaining old-ones and it keeps dogs able and willing to learn. You'll also be to command “sit”, “down”, “place” and “right here” with minimal effort.

Energy Outlets

Using play in training is an effective way to maintain a strong relationship, while learning to use obedience under higher levels of stress and difficulty.

Owner Support

All owners participate in the following:

  • Instructional Private Sessions

  • Instructional Videos for your family 

Interested in the program? Fill out a training evaluation form!

What Our Clients Say

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Katie, P.

Found is incredible and I recommend it to anyone looking to train their dog. I brought my dog in for the Rehab Board + Train and the staff were extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and communicative (especially Nikki - our lead trainer). My dog’s behavioral issues have significantly improved and they taught me how to better communicate with him in order to continue his progress. Really looking forward to more sessions with Found!

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