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Pool Services

We are pleased to announce the launch of our pool services!

If you've finished a program at Found your dog qualifies for Pool Services.

All dogs must have gone through some form of Found training to qualify.

One hour private sessions are offered 8am-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  


Swim Lessons

Our swim lessons are excellent for dogs who are new to swimming or have limited experience in the water. Whether your dog is hesitant, fearful, or simply needs guidance in developing their swimming skills, we are here to help.


One dog: $100

Two dogs: $150

Three dogs: $170

Each additional dog +$20, up to 5 dogs

*Lessons will be 1 hour in length*

Pool Rental

We are now offering our facility's amenities to be rented for private events and get togethers. Options will include just the pool area, or the pool along with the house and patio for a relaxing place to gather and enjoy a drink or meal with views of the Chicago river. Staff members certified in canine CPR will be available to monitor and facilitate activities for dogs in the pool area. 


Pool Rentals (6 hours)-$1500

Pool Rentals (Full Day)-$2500

Pool and House Rentals (6 hours)-$3000

Pool and House Rentals (Full Day)-$5000

puppy school swimming found chicago

Our indoor dock diving sized swimming pool, built in February 2023, is a great way to familiarize your dog with water activities and provide them with mental and physical stimulation.

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