Over the years, Found Training Center has supported to the education of trainers by hosting educational events with world renowned trainers. In Fall of 2022 we will be launching our Immersive dog training programs, 100% focused on assisting in the growth of dog trainers around the world.  Our facilities will include:

  • Lodging for 10 trainers and their personal dog.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 3,000sqft training hall featuring a pool, Kennel Space and K9 Grass

Instructors & Workshops


Pat Stuart

Canine Paradigm, Operant Canine

In 2015, I took the plunge and began training dogs full time after a more than 12-year career in Army Special Forces. I have been lucky enough to be mentored and coached by some of Australia and the world’s best dog trainers. Most notably Michael and Bart Bellon who I have been studying under for several years. 


I’ve studied everything from hands-off force free training to old school compulsion and have yet to find a better and more well thought out system than NePoPo®. Where behaviours come on command every time and with heart and soul. It’s a system that prepares the dog for the rigours of life and creates an active free thinking dog ready to engage with his environment. It also prepares a dog to receive a correction (which will inevitably come) without ever dropping in motivation. 

I am a certified NePoPo® instructor as well as an active competitor in PSA, a certified decoy and the PSA Assistant Regional Director for Australia. 


I’m quite good with dogs, but my greatest strength comes in educating people, and I have a passion for passing on my knowledge in a way people can go out and implement immediately. 

I co-host a podcast named The Canine Paradigm where I love to share my knowledge and interact with the broader dog training community.

September 3 - 4

Pat Stuart (Operant Canine)

Pat Stuart, Operant Canine Presentation on Modern Dog Training. This is a 2-day workshop open to the public. Attendance Fee: $500.00

September 5 - 9th (Immersive Program)

Pat Stuart (Operant Canine)

Pat Stuart will be conducting a 5-day immersive dog training experience focused on the trainers and a dog they have brought to participate in the training. Apply at the link below! Attendance Fee: $4,000.

*This program is all-inclusive, 8 spots available.


Oscar Mora

Elevated Canine Academy