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Dog training and dog school


Over the years, Found Training Center has supported to the education of trainers by hosting educational events with world renowned trainers. In Fall of 2022 we will be launching our Immersive dog training programs, 100% focused on assisting in the growth of dog trainers around the world.  Our facilities will include:

  • Lodging for 10 trainers and their personal dog.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 3,000sqft training hall featuring a pool, Kennel Space and K9 Grass

2023 Workshops 

Pat Stuart dog training seminar

July 29 - August 4, 2023

Pat Stuart: Motivate, Communicate, Coach

We're excited to announce that Pat Stuart will be returning for their 3rd time to lead a 2-day dog training workshop focused on Motivation, Communication, and Coaching. This workshop will follow our 5-day dog training immersion program.

As a special bonus, all immersion students will have the opportunity to attend the 2-day workshop at no additional cost. We believe this added value will enhance your overall learning experience and help you become a better trainer for your furry friends. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

Workshop Cost: $500.00

Immersion Program: $4,250.00



Oscar Mora: Competitive Obedience & Protection Workshop

Oscar Mora is an accomplished dog trainer and competitor with a passion for protection and obedience training. Certified as a decoy/helper in French Ring, Mondioring, and IPO-IGP, he has achieved significant successes, including decoying 2 National Championships and titling the first Cane Corso in Mondio in the US.


In 2016, he established Elevated, a Los Angeles-based dog training business that has grown to a team of 12 trainers. He also founded UNDRDOG Supply Co. in 2020 to expand his reach and impact in the dog training world.

Audit Spots: $150.00

Working Spots: $350.00


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