Selective Services

All dogs are social, some less than others. Found is home to Chicago's only selective dog program. In this program playgroups are made with your dog in mind. Through acclimation and proper training techniques your dog is able to have the socialization experience, often thought of as not possible.

*All interested participants must complete a Selective Evaluation Day prior to enrollment*


Social Development Program

This program is aimed at selective dogs that exhibit the potential to build social bonds and increase general socialization. This program incorporates specialized and increased socialization in addition to our Social Selective services. 

*Admission to this program is dependent on Selective Evaluation

*10-Day Program with options to extend


Social Selective Daycare and Boarding

Our Social Selective group is for dogs that need extra structure in their day-to-day life. This daycare and boarding alternative offers energy outlets through a combination of supervised play with 1-3 other dogs, agility courses, and individualized exercise.


Solo Daycare and Boarding

The Solo daycare and boarding option is for dogs that experience more challenging social behavior. This option includes specialized structured play, exercise, and agility with our technicians.


Selective Department Overview

Direct Communication with Technicians Handling Socialization

World-class dog training approach to Socialization

Unique Socialization experience for dogs with challenging socialization behavior

Individualized structure for each dogs needs

The Selective Department is currently limited to 20 dogs per day.


10-Day: $405.00

20-Day: $800.00

30-Day: $1,215.00