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What is Pup Start?

The Pup Start program is our strategic approach to building strong, confident and social pets of any breed. Our 15 years of experience in pet dog training, behavior modification and working dogs culminated in the development of the Pup Start Program. The training approach taken for your puppies are those used in Police, Therapy and Service dogs. These approaches create confident, social and dedicated dogs that train well and become life long,  well behaved companions.


In this puppy training program we start our puppies anytime between the ages of 8-16 weeks and are graduated into a Found Training Center training program or socialization group at 24 weeks of age. 

What can I expect my puppy to learn?

In this program (depending on length of commitment), we:

  • Introduce Potty Training – Our goal is to put “potty” under stimulus control.

  • Socialize Puppies with dogs, people, children and other animals as needed.

  • Charge Powerful Markers – Charging the value of markers during this stage will increase a dog’s ability to learn new skills immediately and in the long run. These markers become the foundation for a language they understand and use to learn those any new skill.

  • Leash Training – All puppies will learn leash walking skills without conflict.

  • Exposure to household and environmental noises, including, but not limited to: vacuums, trash bags, cans, vehicle noises.

  • Basic Obedience – “Sit,” “down,” “stand,” “place” and leash cues are all introduced and can be fully taught at this age.

Real World Exposure – Planned field trips are scheduled twice weekly to new places such as Horner Park or a nearby pet friendly store

Pricing & Schedule

Price: $450.00/ Week

Package Discounts: 

  • 3 Weeks - 10% Off

  • 6 Weeks - 15% Off

  • 8 Weeks - 20% Off

Schedule: 7a - 7p (Monday - Friday)

Weekends: Not Available at the moment

Pup Start requires a minimum commitment of two-weeks for effective training and learning in puppies 

*All customers are subject to a $25 cancelation fee for less than 24-hour notice on all services including general program, daily check-ins, and private sessions.

What's Included in the puppy program?

  • Training & Solicitation Throughout the day, with Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

  • Daily Videos on socialization and training. Including, homework and items to implement at home.

  • Weekly Private Sessions with other Pup Parents.


Where does my puppy stay?

All puppies stay in our Pup Start Program area. This area is specifically designated for puppies where they can rest peacefully, train when they are comfortable/confident and learn to potty at a moment’s notice. Our puppy area includes Ruffland Performance Kennels, quick access to a K9 Grass platform system, and a designated training and play area.

How long does Pup Start last?

The Pup Start Program is designed to be flexible while also consistent for ease of the puppy’s education. We ask dog owners to commit to two weeks (Monday through Friday) pending availability.

What should I bring for my puppy to Pup Start?

Because our facility is fully equipped with all the supplies needed to train your pup, we only need your pup’s breakfast and lunch, favorite treats if they have allergies, and a favorite toy if they have it. We are happy to suggest any brands or supplies needed in the training of your puppy as their training progresses.

What does my puppy need to start training?

Puppy participants should be up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations, including the leptospirosis vaccine. Puppies should also have a fecal sample cleared by their veterinarian within two weeks of starting Pup Start. Puppies should be between the ages of 8 and 24 weeks of age.

Why train a puppy?

Providing adequate socialization and training at this stage of life (8-16 weeks) is by the far the most important time of your dog’s life to train and develop life-long habits and associations with the new things they with encounter. Our goal is to create the most balanced adult dog possible with a combination of passive and active exposure to the world. We want puppy participants to create positive associations with new people, other animals, and training through a systematic and proven approach.

Who is training my puppy?

Our group of CPDT-KA certified dog trainers, along with experienced assistant dog trainers at Found Training Center will be working your pup through their daily activities. Our trainers are experienced in many areas of dog training, such as operant conditioning, exposure and socialization, sport dog, therapy dog, and behavioral modification. We are confident we will be able to assist in raising your puppy to the fullest extent of their capability, along with your consistency with our program in your home setting. The program is led by Found Training Center co-owner, Brittney Romo, who has over a decade of experience working in the animal care industry, including raising dozens of puppies in her personal home.