Welcome to the next phase of Pup Start! In February 2022, we took up more space on Rockwell Street! We've been working on the space for the last few months and it will be ready to for reservations on 7/5/2022. With the pool being installed late October.

This space will be accessible to the our Pup Start Graduates starting at 6months of age. Your puppy will be able to remain in the program until 18months of age but will be able to board at Pup Start!

Already a Pup Start Grad?

Is you puppy between the ages 8-weeks and 6-months? Click the link below!

What's next for Pup Start Graduates?


  • How old does my puppy need to be in order to enroll?

    • Puppies are able to begin our Pup Start program as early as 8-weeks of age and as old a 6-months of age. Puppies enrolling at 6-months of age must complete a minimum of 3-weeks of Pup Start.​

    • Puppies graduating into the Pup Start+ program are able to seamlessly transition into this new phase of the program and can choose to opt in and out of the program at their preference.

  • What is the attendance requirement?

    • Puppies enrolling at 6-months of age must complete a minimum of 3-weeks of Pup Start.

    • Puppies are able to attend Pup Start+ program on a week-by-week basis. This will allow us to plan a puppies week in advance.

  • What does a follow-up look like for Pup Start Parents?

    • Pup Start parents will have the option to sign-up for a weekly follow-up class. There will be 2 options for the class: Wednesday and Friday evenings. One class will focus on intermediate skills, a second class will focus on advanced obedience and troubleshooting behaviors.

  • Is my puppy able to board at Pup Start?

    • Yes! Pup Start boarding will be available on 11/1/2022!​